As we all have been made aware the London Property Market has become increasingly heated with high levels of investment, in particular from international purchasers. It has been reported that investment in central London’s commercial property market reached £20.5 billion in 2014, marginally below the last investment peak in 2007 when £20.6 billion was traded and 2015 looks likely to be a continuation of this trend.

This has led to a significant increase in the amount of interest in commercial property investments in the South West during 2015, as London and South East based investors have started to look further afield to secure better returns on their capital and the South West is seen as reliable market for this. Alongside the more experienced Investors looking to expand their portfolios there has been an increased amount of new investors looking to secure Commercial Property Investments, this has been for a variety of reasons from the continued low interest rates, therefore generally providing a higher return on capital, to the tax reliefs achieved when purchasing commercial property through a SIPP fund. Not to mention the general trend for property values to increase in value over the inflation rate, investors in Commercial Property may also benefit from a lower level of landlord responsibility when compared with that experienced with Residential Property.

This increased activity has been across the Industrial, Retail, Office and Student Markets which has led to Stratton Creber Commercial having circa five million pounds worth of commercial investment property currently under offer within their Plymouth office alone.

The size of deals range in size from multimillion pound deals to the occasional sub one hundred thousand pounds, making commercial property an Investment medium suitable for a variety of budgets.

Should you wish for advice on selling or acquiring a commercial property investment please feel free to contact one of our specialists at Stratton Creber Commercial.

Byron Hammond LLB (Hons) MSc
Commercial Agent