As a property owner, there are plethora of regulations and liabilities that must be observed and performed, particularly where there are communal areas and services.

In addition to a landlord’s obligations, there are also a range of compliance issues that must be recognised and carried out by tenants and occupiers, as well and preventative measures particularly where a property is occupied on a FRI basis.

A leaseholder of commercial property has an obligation to ensure that their premises comply with legislation and have the following in place:

Electrical Test: The fixed electrical installation in the premises should be inspected and certificated at least every three years by an NICEIC registered electrical contractor

Gas Installation: Any gas installations within the premises should be tested on an annual basis by a Gas Safe contractor and a Certificate of Safety must be issued. This includes any appliances and equipment as well as boilers

Fire Risk Assessment: All occupiers must undertake a Fire Risk Assessment in respect of their premises. This is a legal requirement under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005

Asbestos Survey: Occupiers must undertake an Asbestos Survey to comply with Health and Safety legislation

It is also the responsibility of a leaseholder, where appropriate under the lease, to ensure that the following checks are carried out:

Combustibles: Combustible materials such as waste packaging, wheelie bins, skips or any other such items should be stored inside premises and not stored outside close to the building in the interests of arson and fire prevention. This is now very often an insurance requirement

Drains/Gutters: During the Autumn particularly, and at least one more time each year rainwater goods, gutters drains and gullies should be cleared to avoid the risk of blockages and resultant flooding or water damage

Water Pipes: Ensure that water pipes are insulated to prevent freezing/interruption to supply, and close stop cocks and drain down if the premises are to be left empty for any length of time

As managing agents, Stratton Creber Commercial can take care of a landlord’s obligations and ensure compliance, but also make tenants aware of their requirements and obligations, which can often be over looked.

Chris Reed BSc (Hons) MA – Management Surveyor